The Answer Series: Grade 12 Life Sciences 3-in-1 Study Guide Part 1 IEB


This book is PART 1 of a SET of 2 Life Sciences study guides covering the Grade 12 IEB curriculum. This PART 1 study guide walks you through the knowledge strands Life at the Molecular, Cellular and Tissue level and Diversity, Change and Continuity. For Environmental Studies and Life Processes in Plants and Animals, please see PART 2.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive, accessible notes per module
  • Carefully selected, graded questions and answers per module
  • ‘Rapid-fire’ questions for key concepts and terms
  • Clear, explanatory diagrams
  • Up-to-date, relevant material

As you work methodically through this study guide, you will become increasingly prepared to achieve excellent results in your exams.

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