Sarafina! The Times. The Play. The Man.


Rehearsed in Fordsburg in the mid-eighties, in the shadow of the notorious John Vorster Square, Sarafina! paint a vibrant and dynamic picture of life in Soweto. It pays tribute to township youth all over South Africa, whose courage and determination helped fan the flames of struggle. And it honours the women who provided such remarkable leadership and support over the years.

This book is made up three interlinked sections. It describes The Times, offering a background to the Soweto uprising and its aftermath. It publishes the full text of The Play, with translations into English of Zulu songs. And it gives us a glimpse into the soul and inspiration of The Man behind the play – Mbogeni Ngema.

Sarafina! is more than just a play. It is a piece of our history. In 2004, it was revived and toured South Africa and beyond in celebration of another historical event – ten years of democracy in South Africa

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