Eden College Grade 11



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    A powerful and turbulent story, set in the late 1950s, about Sophiatown gangster Tsotsi, who menaces the streets. The approved contemporary novel for Home Language English Grade 11. Specially prepared for schools



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    Sprak of sprook en ander gedigte


    Sprak of Spook en ander gedigte - In die gedig sprak of sprook waaruit die titel van hierdie bundel kom, betreur die digter dit dat ons dikwels so oppervlakkig met moderne kommunikasiemiddele werk. Eintlik “sprak ons dan geen sprook nie”. In die gedig sprak of sprook waaruit die titel van hierdie bundel kom, betreur die digter dit dat ons dikwels so oppervlakkig met moderne kommunikasiemiddele werk.


    Woema Graad 11 Afrikaans EAT Werkboek


    Woema Afrikaans First Additional Language Workbooks provide fresh content and creative language exercises aimed at teenagers. Features:

    • The rules and examples of language structures
    • Exercises to practice language structures
    • Vocabulary, language- and writing exercises/assignments
    • Comprehension tests
    • Poetry assignments in the Grade 6-11 Woema Books
    • Creative themes that will motivate teenagers to engage in the classroom


    Afrikaans Handbook & Study Guide



    Teachers’ Handbook, Students’ Textbook, Home Reference Book A comprehensive reference book and set of notes that covers everything in one book. Covers the basics and fills in the gaps. Practical and user-friendly – simple, visual and logical. Colour – coded for easy understanding, recall and application. All explanations are in English with Afrikaans examples. Table of Contents Taal; Begripstoets; Skryfwerk; Letterkunde; Mondeling; Woordeskat; Wenke vir Leerlinge; Idees vir Onderwysers; Onderwyser Gids.


    Pharos Tweetalige Skoolwoordeboek | Bilingual School Dictionary


    The Pharos Bilingual School Dictionary (2020) boasts a brand-new cover!

    • Grades 7–12
    • Suitable for Afrikaans and English home language or additional language
    • 11 000 headwords
    • Word division and word stress
    • Parts of speech
    • Inflections: plurals, irregular verbs, past tense, past participles, degrees of comparison
    • Translations and example sentences
    • Phrases and expressions
    • Derivatives with parts of speech
    • Grammar boxes
    • Supplement with information on parts of speech, words easily confused and idioms



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    Via Afrika Mathematical Literacy Grade 11 Learner’s Book


    Would you like to know how to start a small business? Would you like to know about all the elements involved, such as loans, investments, profits and costs? This book will enable you to make informed decisions on how to start a small business. It will show you how to apply your new knowledge in practical situations and equip you with many other skills that will benefit you in life. For instance, you’ll be able to understand payslips and UIF, and you’ll learn more about banking. You’ll be able to compare prepaid cellphone deals and cellphone contracts. You’ll be able to calculate water consumption. You’ll become skilled in working out distances on national maps. You’ll even work with measurements that will enable you to build things. Work hard and see the incredible possibilities unfold.




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    Computers Part of your Life: A Textbook for CAT Gr 11 2nd Edition


    Computers Part of Your Life Grade 11 Learner Book 2nd Edition This is a tried- And-tested textbook with a great track record, and this edition includes: All the prescribed material - Material contextualised in real-life situations within the world of the learner - Good activities, designed to fix knowledge and skills and to thoroughly prepare learners for tests and exams - A compact summary and overview at the end of every module



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    Visual Arts Grade 11 Learner’s Guide


    This unique book makes visual arts truly come alive for learners! It is in full colour (never done before), has a comprehensive chapter on visual literacy skills, covers the different themes by not only giving the historical background and characteristics but also an in-depth analysis of artworks, applictaion activities as well as a section relating the themes to Africa. The book also has a variety of practical assessment tasks to choose from, is accompanied by a comprehensive teacher’s guide and is totally aligned to the CAPS.



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    Focus Life Orientation Grade 11 Learner’s Book


    Focus on Life Orientation G11 LB - Fully CAPS compliant. Opportunities for exam practice and assessment. Complete Programme of Assessment provided. Used and tested in schools throughout South Africa. Supports and engages learners for success.


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