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    Computers Part of your Life: A Textbook for CAT Gr 10 2nd Edition


    Computers Part of Your Life Grade 10 Learner Book This is a tried- And-tested textbook with a great track record, and this edition includes: All the prescribed material - Material contextualised in real-life situations within the world of the learner - Good activities, designed to fix knowledge and skills and to thoroughly prepare learners for tests and exams - A compact summary and overview at the end of every module



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    Via Afrika Dramatic Arts Grade 10 Learner’s Book


    Via Afrika Dramatic Arts is a comprehensive series, which covers all the suggested content for Dramatic Arts and provides relevant activities through which real learning will take place. The broad and specific Topics, as well as the knowledge and skills areas, as defined by the CAPS documents is comprehensively covered. Teachers are still able to make choices, which will be of the most relevance to their learners, thus ensuring engagement with the learning process. The series has a strong South African focus, but also exposes learners to a wide range of pan-African, Western and Eastern drama forms which have shaped the world of Dramatic Arts. Film has also been explored where relevant.


    Master Harold’… and the Boys


    A white South African boy becomes aware of the meaning of racialism. Set in a tea-room in Port Elizabeth in the 1950s.




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    Oxford In Search of Mapwork Grades 10-12


    Oxford In Search of Mapwork Grades 10 to 12 equips both learners and teachers with the necessary skills to teach and master mapwork. Questions have been developed to ensure that learners achieve success in their mapwork exam. The GIS CD, included with this title, can be used by the teacher and learner to enhance their understanding of this section of the curriculum. The CD contains tutorials focusing on the GIS curriculum requirements for Grades 10, 11 and 12. A 'put your knowledge into practice' section gives the learners the opportunity to test their knowledge.



  • Keep your Dictionary and IsiZulu Handbook from Gr 9 *

    Insika Advanced IsiZulu Workbook Grade 10


    This series of Workbooks is centered around the Teaching and Learning of isiZulu First Additional Language. They cover the fundamentals of the foundation phase of learning isiZulu FAL, supporting the learners’ transition into Grade 7 and the more technical and academic levels of learning isiZulu FAL in Grades 11 and 12. The compilations of the books are in line with the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement as Stipulated by the Department of Basic Education.


    Oxford IsiZulu-English School Dictionary 2nd Edition


    Senzelwe ukusiza abafundi ukwazi ukubhala nokukhuluma kahle nangobuchule ngolimi lokwengeza, lesi sichazamazwi esiphelele nesisebenziseka kalula sibheke ukuxazulula izinkinga ezivamile zabafundi. / Designed to enable learners to write and speak effectively and competently in their additional language, this up-to-date and easy-to-use dictionary focuses on overcoming learners' most common difficulties.  


    • Izingxoxo EZINTSHA zansukuzonke ezikusiza ukuthi ukhulume isiNgisi ngokuzethemba. / NEW everyday conversations help you use isiZulu confidently.
    • Thola amagama owafunayo kalula nangokushesha esichazamazwini sesiZulu nesiNgisi esehlukile. / Find the words you want easily and quickly like no other isiZulu/English dictionary.
    • Imisho eyizibonelo ikusiza ukuthi uhumushe ngendlela efanele. / Example sentences help you use the right translation.
    • Sikhombisa indela yangempela okusetshenziswa ngayo amagama. / Shows how words are really used.
    • Sinamagama amasha aqhamuka kuzo zonke izinhlelo zezifundo. / Includes new words from across the curriculum.
    • Kanye namakhasi evile ema-50 wokungezelelwe okuwusizo (indlela yokusebenzisa isichazamazwi sakho, imisebenzi nezimpendulo zayo, izincwadi eziyisibonelo, imidwebo, ulimi lwama-SMS nokunye). / Plus more than 50 pages of useful extras (how to use your dictionary, activities with answers, model letters, illustrations, SMS language a nd more


    isiZulu Handbook And Study Guide



    Teachers’ Handbook, Students’ Textbook, Home Reference Book A comprehensive reference book and set of notes that covers everything in one book. Provides basic vocabulary and simple language instruction. Practical and user-friendly – simple, visual and logical. Colour coded for easy understanding, recall and application. Beautiful illustrations of the various themes. Table of Contents A. 10 Themes covering 20 essential, everyday topics B. Language C. Comprehension Skills D. Vocabulary E. Useful phrases and expressions.



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    Focus Life Orientation Grade 10 Learner’s Book


    Focus on Life Orientation G10 LB - Fully CAPS compliant, Opportunities for exam practice and assessment, Complete Programme of Assessment provided, Used and tested in schools throughout South Africa, Supports and engages learners for success



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    Oxford Successful Life Sciences Grade 10 Learner’s Book


    Oxford Successful Life Sciences is a trusted Life Sciences course that is used by teachers all over South Africa. The rich, relevant, and age appropriate content fully covers the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS), ensuring that learners stay interested throughout the year.  


    • Topics are structured according to CAPS which makes the course easy to use in the classroom.
    • Appropriate language levels make content accessible, build learner confidence and support independent learning and revision.
    • A skills section at the beginning of the book introduces learners to all the scientific skills needed for Life Sciences.
    • A wealth of illustrations, photographs and micrographs is provided to guide learners during practical experiments.
    • Practical activities are unpacked in a step-by-step fashion, guiding learners and teachers alike.
    • Caution boxes alert learners to any safety issues.
    • Margin features indicate content links within the grade and between the grades.
    • An exam section with exam tips and practice papers helps learners prepare for formal assessment and exams.




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    Via Afrika Mathematical Literacy Grade 10 Learner’s Book


    As you’ll remember from your previous years at school, Mathematics is simply a language that we use to understand the world around us. Mathematical Literacy is especially useful because it shows you how to apply maths in real life. It will improve your ability to make decisions, solve problems, interpret information, and much more.



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    Visual Arts Grade 10 Learner’s Guide


    This unique book makes visual arts truly come alive for learners! It is in full colour (never done before), has a comprehensive chapter on visual literacy skills, covers the different themes by not only giving the historical background and characteristics but also an in-depth analysis of artworks, applictaion activities as well as a section relating the themes to Africa. The book also has a variety of practical assessment tasks to choose from, is accompanied by a comprehensive teacher’s guide and is totally aligned to the CAPS.


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