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    The Theory of Flight by Siphiwe Gloria Ndlovu


    ‘On the third of September, not so long ago, something truly wondrous happened on the Beauford Farm and Estate. At the moment of her death, Imogen Zula Nyoni – Genie – was seen to fly away on a giant pair of silver wings ...’
    Said to have hatched from a golden egg, Genie spends her childhood playing in a field of sunflowers as her country reawakens after a fierce civil war.
    But Genie’s story stretches back much further: it tells of her grandfather, who quenched his wanderlust by walking into the Indian Ocean, and of her father, who spent countless hours building model aeroplanes to catch up with him. It is the tale of her mother, a singer self-styled after Dolly Parton with a dream of travelling to Nashville, and of her grandmother, who did everything in her power to raise her children to have character.
    With the lightest of touches, a cast of unforgettable characters, and moments of surreal beauty, The Theory of Flight  sketches decades of history in this unnamed Southern African nation. It does not dwell on what has been lost in its war, but on the daily triumphs of its people, the necessity of art, and the power of its visionaries to take flight.


    Clusters – A Teaching Anthology Of Poetry


    Clusters is a new, exciting anthology of poetry. It includes a survey of traditional poems in English from Chaucer to Ted Hughes, as well as an overview of South African and African Poetry. Not on FET learners will enjoy this anthology; all lovers of poetry will find the disscussions both thought provoking and imformative. Additionally. contextual and essay-type questions and answers, as well as biographical notes of some of the poets, are provided.


    Stratford Series: Othello


    Complete Text, with commentary and questions



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    Beloved By Morrison Toni


    INCLUDES A READING GUIDE Terrible, unspeakable things happened to Sethe at Sweet Home, the farm where she lived as a slave for so many years until she escaped to Ohio. Her new life is full of hope but eighteen years later she is still not free. Sethe's new home is not only haunted by the memories of her past but also by the ghost of her baby, who died nameless and whose tombstone is engraved with a single word: Beloved.



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    Afrikaans Handbook & Study Guide



    Teachers’ Handbook, Students’ Textbook, Home Reference Book A comprehensive reference book and set of notes that covers everything in one book. Covers the basics and fills in the gaps. Practical and user-friendly – simple, visual and logical. Colour – coded for easy understanding, recall and application. All explanations are in English with Afrikaans examples. Table of Contents Taal; Begripstoets; Skryfwerk; Letterkunde; Mondeling; Woordeskat; Wenke vir Leerlinge; Idees vir Onderwysers; Onderwyser Gids.


    Donker Web Skooluitgawe


    Greg Owen, former head boy at Lawson College and hacker of note is a first year student at Maties. His life of privilege fell apart in his Matric year,  when his father along with Lawson's rector Dok Pienaar were revealed as the masterminds behind Project Nursery Rhyme. But the Baker is still at large. Greg won't rest until he is behind bars too. But if you want revenge, be prepared to dig two graves . . . A shortened school edition of the bestselling follow-up to Onderwêreld.


    Pharos Tweetalige Skoolwoordeboek | Bilingual School Dictionary


    The Pharos Bilingual School Dictionary (2020) boasts a brand-new cover!

    • Grades 7–12
    • Suitable for Afrikaans and English home language or additional language
    • 11 000 headwords
    • Word division and word stress
    • Parts of speech
    • Inflections: plurals, irregular verbs, past tense, past participles, degrees of comparison
    • Translations and example sentences
    • Phrases and expressions
    • Derivatives with parts of speech
    • Grammar boxes
    • Supplement with information on parts of speech, words easily confused and idioms


    Toulopers – Verse vir Tieners


    Die gedigte in Toulopers is almal splinternuut en is geskryf met tieners tussen 13 en 15 jaar in gedagte. Van ernstiger temas tot glimlagverse, van rebelse gedigte tot dolverliefde SMS-poësie – al die bydraes in hierdie bundel is met een doel voor oë gekies: om tot moderne tieners se leefwêreld te spreek



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    Scholar’s Zulu Dictionary


    COMPILED BY :  G.R. DENT and C.L.S. NYEMBEZI The Scholar's Zulu/English bilingual and explanatory dictionary is a comprehensive dictionary compiled to meet the needs of IsiZulu and English Home Language, First Additional and Second Additional Language learners, students as well as speakers of other languages who need knowledge and understanding of IsiZulu words and phrases and their English equivalents.



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    The Answer Series: Grade 10-12 AP Maths IEB – Book 1 (Compulsory Modules)


    The Answer Series AP Maths books follow the latest IEB AP Maths curriculum for Grade 10 to 12. They are extremely comprehensive and accessible and will support self-study initiatives for learners and teachers new to this subject, one which is a significant ‘step-up’ to tertiary education, especially in the fields of the Sciences.



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    X-Kit Achieve! Geography Grade 12 Study Guide


    This CAPS compliant series has been developed based on research and feedback from learners and teachers. Simple, Logical explanations. Graded exercises and solutions. Worked examples and solutions. Practice exams and memos.


    Via Afrika Geography Grade 12 Learner’s Book


    Cyclones are powerful wind systems that can have a profound impact on people and the environment. In this final, exciting year of highschool Geography, you’ll get a bird’s-eye view of these amazing forces of nature as you study satellite images and synoptic weather maps. You’ll also study many important aspects of South Africa in particular. Explore our river systems. Gain valuable new skills as you work with topographic maps. Investigate different kinds of settlements and the reasons behind rural-urban migration. Get to know our economic geography as you learn about mining and minerals in South Africa, as well as agriculture, markets and the country’s industrial regions. All this knowledge will not only leave you thoroughly prepared for your Final exams – it will also provide you with the perfect grounding for further study and a number of exciting careers. Open up and discover the possibilities.




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    Exploring IT: Java Programming Grade 12 3rd Ed


    Grade 12 Java programming with more examples of inheritance and composition. Detailed Data Validation has been included along with JSON files and ArrayLists. This Third edition includes summaries comparisons of primary and secondary data structures and an in depth example describing the phases of a Grade 12 PAT application.


    Exploring IT: Theory Grade 12 2nd Ed


    Grade 12 IT Theory covers Normalisation with additional examples and updated Database Management with details descriptions of SQL and NoSQL related to Data Warehouses, Data Mining and Big Data. This Second Edition includes updated Hardware and Software. Networking contains Deep and Dark Web, Onion Routing, Blockchain technology and its application to Cryptocurrencies.


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