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    Diamond Boy


    My father always said that a journey should change your life in some way. Well, I suppose that when you have nothing, a journey promises everything. As long as we arrived at a place better than the one we had left, I would be happy ... When fifteen-year-old Patson leaves Bulawayo with his family, he gives up his school, his friends and his beloved cross-country running. His father takes them to Marange - heart of Zimbabwe's illegal diamond trade - where the idea of "diamonds for everyone" promises a better future for them all. But in a place defined by the wild rush for instant wealth, Patson must learn a new set of rules about education, freedom, family and, most importantly, who to trust. And then, as the sparkling promise gives way to a tragic reality, he must learn when to run ...


    Active Shakespeare: Macbeth


    This series offers a unique interactive approach that will encourage learners to become involved in the interactive process of these plays, whilst exposing them to the atmosphere and history of the age, in a fun and stimulating way. An extensive amount of background and supporting material is offered in a user-friendly way with exciting features make the plays become visually real. Each exciting page offers: -complete text done in an attractive double-page spread layout a glossary of what the words and phrases mean thought-provoking notes and activities on each page that: explain difficult language, explore characters, themes, words and images, provide useful background information and stimulate thoughts on how to stage the play. This series also offers activities at the end of each act to facilitate understanding. At the back of each book, notes are included, providing information on the world of William Shakespeare.



  • Keep your Afrikaans Handbook from Gr 9 *

    Goed, Beter.. Afrikaans Graad 10 Hersiene Volkleur Uitgawe 2022


    Curro Aurora Curro Waterfall Centennial Schools Reddam House Helderfontein Reddford House The Hills Pinnacle College Copperleaf Hyde Park High Kingsmead




    Suurlemoen! is 'n boek propvol humor en tiener-intriges. Dit is 'n lekker ontspanningsoek wat mens met die ligte trant bekoor waarmee dit geskryf is. Die inhoud is bekend, maar wat die boek 'n onvergeetlike leeservaring maak is die nuwe manier waarmee dit aangebied word.   Die verskillende mediums wat deur Jaco Jacobs gebruik word in hierdie boek is 'n welkome verandering van die gewone tienerverhaal. Die visuele elemente komplimenteer die teks op elke moontlike geleentheid. Die einde word slegs deur die verskillende mediums bewerkstellig en alhoewel dit moontlik vir sommige lesers nie bevredigend genoeg sal wees nie, is dit steeds 'n innoverende manier om die boek te eindig. In hierdie geval is dit werklik so: "A picture is worth a thousand words." Die verhaal begin met 'n humoristiese insident met lipstiffie en Mozart. Dit lei tot die ontstaan van die vier hoofkarakters, Tiaan, Zane, Bongani en Liezl, se band. Zane, soos Tiaan hom beskryf, is die moeilikheidmagneet wat baie vinnig verlief raak. Hy is spontaan en gee glad nie om as al die aandag op hom is nie. Bongani aan die ander kant is 'n karakter wat glad nie nonsens vat nie en die rigting aangee vir die band net soos sy die pas aangee op die tromme. Liezl is die slim en mooi meisie met die goue stem wat Tiaan en Zane se voete onder hulle uitslaan. Tiaan is weer effens skaam met 'n romantiese streep en 'n passie vir foto's en Post-It-Plakkers. Tiaan het ook 'n meer kreatiewe kant as Zane en vind dit moeiliker om oor sy emosies te praat. Dit alles saam is 'n resep vir moeilikheid en liefde.


    Afrikaans Handbook & Study Guide



    Teachers’ Handbook, Students’ Textbook, Home Reference Book A comprehensive reference book and set of notes that covers everything in one book. Covers the basics and fills in the gaps. Practical and user-friendly – simple, visual and logical. Colour – coded for easy understanding, recall and application. All explanations are in English with Afrikaans examples. Table of Contents Taal; Begripstoets; Skryfwerk; Letterkunde; Mondeling; Woordeskat; Wenke vir Leerlinge; Idees vir Onderwysers; Onderwyser Gids.



  • Keep your Dictionary and Study Guide from Gr 9 *

    Khalipha Mfundi Grade 10 IsiZulu Workbook


    The FET Phase: The curriculum is organized according to the following skills, content and strategies: Listening and speaking (Ukulalela nokukhuluma) Reading and viewing (Ukufunda nokubukela) Writing and presenting (Ukubhala nokwethula) Language structures and conventions (Izakhiwo nezimiso zokusetshenziswa kolimi)


    Wathint’ imbokodo


    Leli yiqoqo lezindaba ezimfushane ezibhalwe ngabalobi besifazane. Izindaba ezikuleli qoqo zithinta izindikimba ezihlukahlukene njengothando, ukuhlukumeza, ukuzibulala, izidakamizwa nezinye izihloko eziningi ezisematheni okungabesifazane kuphela abangaphawula kangcono ngazo.


    IsiZulu Sami Nawe Study Guide


    IsiZulu Sami Nawe is a reference book by Fikile Khuboni, one of the leading author of IsiZulu books. This book teaches how to use IsiZulu as a language and as a subject. It is suitable for all IsiZulu learners and teachers of all grades and parents assisting their children with IsiZulu. This book can also be used by anyone who is learning IsiZulu in general


    Oxford IsiZulu-English School Dictionary 2nd Edition


    Senzelwe ukusiza abafundi ukwazi ukubhala nokukhuluma kahle nangobuchule ngolimi lokwengeza, lesi sichazamazwi esiphelele nesisebenziseka kalula sibheke ukuxazulula izinkinga ezivamile zabafundi. / Designed to enable learners to write and speak effectively and competently in their additional language, this up-to-date and easy-to-use dictionary focuses on overcoming learners' most common difficulties.  


    • Izingxoxo EZINTSHA zansukuzonke ezikusiza ukuthi ukhulume isiNgisi ngokuzethemba. / NEW everyday conversations help you use isiZulu confidently.
    • Thola amagama owafunayo kalula nangokushesha esichazamazwini sesiZulu nesiNgisi esehlukile. / Find the words you want easily and quickly like no other isiZulu/English dictionary.
    • Imisho eyizibonelo ikusiza ukuthi uhumushe ngendlela efanele. / Example sentences help you use the right translation.
    • Sikhombisa indela yangempela okusetshenziswa ngayo amagama. / Shows how words are really used.
    • Sinamagama amasha aqhamuka kuzo zonke izinhlelo zezifundo. / Includes new words from across the curriculum.
    • Kanye namakhasi evile ema-50 wokungezelelwe okuwusizo (indlela yokusebenzisa isichazamazwi sakho, imisebenzi nezimpendulo zayo, izincwadi eziyisibonelo, imidwebo, ulimi lwama-SMS nokunye). / Plus more than 50 pages of useful extras (how to use your dictionary, activities with answers, model letters, illustrations, SMS language a nd more



  • Keep your Dictionary and Directo... from Gr 9 *

    Nnete fela


    Bubbles e be e se mosadi yo Ariel a ka naganago gore o mo swanetse eupsa e be e le mosadi yo a mo ratago. Ke seo a rilego go fihla tabeng yeo a retollela sefatanaga sa gagwe morago. Ariel didn't think that Bubbles was the right person to be his wife, but he loved her. This is why, when he thought about this love, he turned back.


    Direto tša Sesotho sa Leboa


    Direto tša Sesotho sa Leboa is a book of Sepedi poetry. Puku ye, ke kgobokanyo yeo e rwelego merethetho ya bareti ba maemo a godimo. Direto tša bona di kgethilwe ka maikemišetšo a go khoriša babadi ka melaetša, dikapolelo, dithekniki le polelo ye e tebilego ya Sesotho sa Leboa. Seema se se theilego pukutheto ye ka sona, se bontšha gore ge o bitša letšema o swanetše gore o be o lokišitše dijo gore ba$omi ba tle ba di je gomme ba be le maatla ge ba šoma. Ga go nnete ye e phalago ye ka gobane pukutheto ye, e na le mehuta ka moka ya direto gomme ebile e rwele le theteletšo ye e tlogo akodiša babadi ka mabose a theto. Ke holofela gore ka dikgwari tša bareki tše di kgethilwego, pukutheto ye e tla ba ya mathomo ya maemo a godimo ye e kilego ya gatišetšwa dikolo tše di phagamego.


    Oxford Northern Sotho & English School Dictionary


    Designed to enable learners to write and speak effectively and competently in their additional language, this up-to-date and easy-to-use dictionary focuses on overcoming learners' most common difficulties.




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    Doc Scientia Grade 10 Physics Textbook and Workbook


    The gap between Grade 9 and Grade 10 science is huge. Take the leap with Doc Scientia’s Grade 10 Physics Textbook and Workbook. • Grasp complex concepts with easy-to-read theory. • Hone your knowledge with comprehensive exercises. • Save valuable study time with complete summaries and mind maps. You’ll be well prepared for any exam.
    Features   • CAPS compliant content – revised every year • Knowledgeable writers – theory you can trust • Practicals included – no other sources needed • Enough exercises – ensure you know the theory off pat • Summaries and mind maps – study smarter, not harder • Exam questions – the best way to master Physical Sciences


    Doc Scientia Grade 10 Chemistry Textbook and Workbook


    The gap between Grade 9 and Grade 10 science is huge. Take the leap with Doc Scientia’s Grade 10 Chemistry Textbook and Workbook. • Grasp complex concepts with easy-to-read theory. • Hone your knowledge with comprehensive exercises. • Save valuable study time with complete summaries and mind maps. You’ll be well prepared for any exam.




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    Computers Part of your Life: A Textbook for CAT Gr 10 2nd Edition


    Computers Part of Your Life Grade 10 Learner Book This is a tried- And-tested textbook with a great track record, and this edition includes: All the prescribed material - Material contextualised in real-life situations within the world of the learner - Good activities, designed to fix knowledge and skills and to thoroughly prepare learners for tests and exams - A compact summary and overview at the end of every module



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    Visual Arts Grade 10 Learner’s Guide


    This unique book makes visual arts truly come alive for learners! It is in full colour (never done before), has a comprehensive chapter on visual literacy skills, covers the different themes by not only giving the historical background and characteristics but also an in-depth analysis of artworks, applictaion activities as well as a section relating the themes to Africa. The book also has a variety of practical assessment tasks to choose from, is accompanied by a comprehensive teacher’s guide and is totally aligned to the CAPS.



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    Study & Master Geography Grade 10 Learner’s Book


    • The amended and updated Study & Master Geography Grade 10 has been especially developed by an experienced author team for the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). This easy-to use course helps learners to master essential content and skills in Geography. The comprehensive Learner's Book includes hundreds of good-quality maps, photographs and diagrams in full-colour, offers current and relevant content, explains key concepts and geographical terms in accessible language, includes over 150 activities that develop learners' skills and understanding, and provides for frequent consolidation in its Review and Exam Preparation sections.


    Focus On Map Skills – Grades 10 – 12 Learner’s Book


    This exciting title provides comprehensive coverage of the map skills learners need to master in Grades 10 to 12. Focus on Map Skills:

    • Is suitable for use with any Geography course
    • Contains full-colour topographical map extracts
    • Features a wealth of activities
    • Includes aerial photographs, orthophoto maps and satellite images.



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    In Search of History Grade 10 Learner’s Book


    Oxford In Search of History provides learners and teachers with outstanding, accessible high-quality material that meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). The course builds learners' confidence by using scaffolded activities, and by providing opportunities for practice and consolidation. Extension activities provide for learners aspiring to excellence.  


    • All the essential resources are in the text, and a full-colour map is provided.
    • Accessible language ensures easy understanding that will help learners to learn and revise independently.
    • Exam words are highlighted in the text, to improve exam performance.
    • A sample exam paper allows learners to effectively practise for exams.



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    Via Afrika Tourism Grade 10 Learner’s Book


    As South Africans we are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful country. South Africa is filled with amazing sights and our thriving tourism sector is very important for our economy. This year you’ll explore many interesting factors of the industry, such as modes of transport, accommodation, tourist attractions and heritage sites, people’s reasons for travelling, and the powerful role of foreign currencies. You’ll look at the social and environmental impact of tourism on South Africa, and you’ll get to know your country better than ever before. Prepare for adventure.


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