Fourways High Grade 12



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    Hamlet Gr 12 Home Language Drama


    Hamlet G12 HL Drama - This edition of Hamlet offers a uniquely interactive approach to one of Shakespeare's most performed plays. William Shakespeare did not intend that his plays be read as texts only - they were meant to be acted, seen and heard. This edition of Hamlet offers a uniquely interactive approach to one of Shakespeare's most performed plays. William Shakespeare did not intend that his plays be read as texts only. They were meant to be acted, seen and heard. This exciting edition of Hamlet offers a wealth of supporting material to encourage understanding and appreciation of this remarkable play as well as meet all the requirements of the CAPS and preparation for the Grade 12 examination. The features of this edition include a detailed introduction to prepare learners for studying the key literature features and characteristics of the play, a short biography of Shakespeare, Background information about the context of the play, A summary of each Act, A complete and authoritative text of the play, An attractive double-page spread layout, which includes notes and activities that: Assist with pre-reading and during reading, Explain difficult language, Provide useful background information, Explore characters, themes, words and images, and stimulate thoughts on how to stage the play, Pre-reading questions before each Act, Questions and activities at the end of each Act to consolidate understanding and for revision, Exam preparation including sample contextual and essay questions, and guidance for answering both types of questions as well as suggested answers, a list of references and a detailed glossary of terms for literature study and drama. This edition is fully illustrated with drawings and story boards for each Act as well as photographs to support and extend the understanding and enjoyment of Hamlet.


    The Picture of Dorian Grey


    The Picture of Dorian Gray is the tale of a beautiful young man, whose friend, Basil, paints a portrait of him. Dorian wishes aloud that his picture could age while he remains forever young.



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    Pharos Tweetalige Skoolwoordeboek | Bilingual School Dictionary


    The Pharos Bilingual School Dictionary (2020) boasts a brand-new cover!

    • Grades 7–12
    • Suitable for Afrikaans and English home language or additional language
    • 11 000 headwords
    • Word division and word stress
    • Parts of speech
    • Inflections: plurals, irregular verbs, past tense, past participles, degrees of comparison
    • Translations and example sentences
    • Phrases and expressions
    • Derivatives with parts of speech
    • Grammar boxes
    • Supplement with information on parts of speech, words easily confused and idioms



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    Via Afrika Tourism Grade 12 Learner’s Book


    Get ready to broaden your horizons – you’re about to embark on an exciting virtual voyage to investigate the global tourism industry. Visit some of the world’s most famous landmarks. Discover beautiful destinations off the beaten track. Learn more about celebrated events such as the Olympics and the Tour de France. Increase your knowledge – and your career options – as you examine all aspects of international tourism: health and safety, forex, tour budgets, visas, time zones, political situations and culture, as well as marketing South Africa internationally as a tourist destination. This book, complete with beautiful photography, holds everything you need to be fully prepared for your final exams, setting you up perfectly to pursue a career in tourism, should that be your desire. No matter what your life plans may be, this book will help you appreciate the remarkable diversity of our planet. So pack your bags. The time of departure is now.



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    Visual Arts Grade 12 Learner’s Guide


    This unique book makes visual arts truly come alive for learners! It is in full colour (never done before), has a comprehensive chapter on visual literacy skills, covers the different themes by not only giving the historical background and characteristics but also an in-depth analysis of artworks, applictaion activities as well as a section relating the themes to Africa. The book also has a variety of practical assessment tasks to choose from, is accompanied by a comprehensive teacher’s guide and is totally aligned to the CAPS.


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