Crawford International Pretoria – Grade 11



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    The Answer Series: Grade 11 Accounting 3-in-1


    This Grade 11 Accounting 3in1 study guide is the complete, simple solution to the Grade 11 CAPS curriculum. It mentors you through the course material with comprehensive notes, questions, answers and full exams, allowing you to boost your understanding and hone your exam technique. Key Features:

    • Step-by-step, methodical approach
    • Comprehensive notes with worked examples per topic
    • Graded questions and answers per topic
    • Exam papers and answers with handy hints
      The combination of detailed notes, worked examples, clear solutions, tips and focussed advice make this book an invaluable study aid no matter your level of confidence.




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    Computers Part of your Life: A Textbook for CAT Gr 11 2nd Edition


    Computers Part of Your Life Grade 11 Learner Book 2nd Edition This is a tried- And-tested textbook with a great track record, and this edition includes: All the prescribed material - Material contextualised in real-life situations within the world of the learner - Good activities, designed to fix knowledge and skills and to thoroughly prepare learners for tests and exams - A compact summary and overview at the end of every module



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    Top Girls Modern Classics By Caryl Churchill


    Marlene hosts a dinner party in a London restaurant to celebrate her promotion to managing director of 'Top Girls' employment agency. Her guests are five women from the past: Isabella Bird (1831- 1904) - the adventurous traveller; Lady Nijo (b1258) - the mediaeval courtesan who became a Buddhist nun and travelled on foot through Japan; Dull Gret, who as Dulle Griet in a Bruegel painting, led a crowd of women on a charge through hell; Pope Joan - the transvestite early female pope and last but not least Patient Griselda, an obedient wife out of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. As the evening continues we are involved with the stories of all five women and the impending crisis in Marlene's own life. A classic of contemporary theatre, Churchill's play is seen as a landmark for a new generation of playwrights. It was premiered by the Royal Court in 1982.



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    Oxford Successful Economics Gr 11 Learner’s Book


    Oxford Successful Economics is a trusted Economics course used by teachers all over South Africa. The rich, relevant content, enriched by up-to-date case studies and examples, fully covers the CAPS.   Features Assessment is carefully scaffolded throughout the Learner's Book to ensure a successful year for the learner. Assessment guidance and flexible assessment tools in the Teacher's Guide allow teachers to adapt the assessment tools to meet specific class needs. Exam support is built into every activity, revision, practice test and practice exam, helping learners prepare for formal assessment and exams. An exam section, packed with exam tips and practice papers, helps learners prepare for formal assessment and exams. Study Skills Support ensures the development of the cognitive skills learners require to tackle activities, tests and exams



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    The Answer Series: Grade 12 English Home Language 3-in-1


    This Grade 12 English Home Language 3-in-1 study guide offers a full walkthrough for learners writing both the DBE (National) exams and the IEB exams, and offers an original DBE-style Paper 1 and an original IEB-style Paper I. The book is organised into bite sized, manageable chunks, focusing on one thing at a time so that you can confidently explore and begin to master the four main skills – Listening & Speaking; Reading & Viewing; Writing & Presenting; Language Structures & Conventions. Key features:

    • Comprehensive, memorable notes on each of the 4 skills
    • Carefully selected exercises with full answers on each of the skills
    • Sample paper 1’s and memos (DBE and IEB)


    The Kite Runner


    Afghanistan, 1975: Twelve-year-old Amir is desperate to win the local kite-fighting tournament and his loyal friend Hassan promises to help him. But neither of the boys can foresee what will happen to Hassan that afternoon, an event that is to shatter their lives. After the Russians invade and the family is forced to flee to America, Amir realises that one day he must return to Afghanistan under Taliban rule to find the one thing that his new world cannot grant him: redemption.



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      Sekuyasa Nakithi Ibanga 11 Wrkbook


      The collection of Sekuyasa Nakithi serves to enhance and educate both the mother tongue and First Additional isiZulu learners. This workbook is aligned to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) document for First Additional Language (FAL) in Intermediate and Senior Phase; hence, it is a GRADE 11 level material.


      Izimbali Zesizwe


      Kuleli qoqo izimbongi zesifazane zisinikeza imibono nemizwa yazo ngezindikimba eziningi ezibathinta kakhulu abesifazane esizweni sethu.


      Wathint’ imbokodo


      Leli yiqoqo lezindaba ezimfushane ezibhalwe ngabalobi besifazane. Izindaba ezikuleli qoqo zithinta izindikimba ezihlukahlukene njengothando, ukuhlukumeza, ukuzibulala, izidakamizwa nezinye izihloko eziningi ezisematheni okungabesifazane kuphela abangaphawula kangcono ngazo.


      Icala Kaliboli (School Edition)


      USonto uhlela ukuba abulale unkosikazi kaMbhele, isiqumama esinamabhizinisi, ukuze yena ashade noMbhele abevele ethandana naye yize uMbhele eganiwe. Le yindaba yobuqili nenkohliso.



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      Exploring IT: Theory Grade 11 2nd Ed


      Grade 11 theory of Information Technology including truth tables with binary logic, data representation, hardware, software, networking, internet technologies, security and social implications. Second Edition.


      Exploring IT: Java Programming Grade 11 3rd Ed


      Grade 11 Java programming with character and string handling, arrays, objects, arrays of objects, text files and SQL. Third edition includes Class Diagrams, static fields and Dates/Time classes. Database connectivity is moved to Grade 12 Java.





    • Keep Direto... from Gr 10 *

      Badimo Ba Boletše


      Sepedi Novel by M.J Mpepele




      Ka go papadi ye, go ditiragalo tsa letsatsi ka letsatsi tseo di amago baratani. Ka nako lehufa le dira gore o nagane gore go na le dilo tse mpe tseo di diregago le ge e le gore ga go bjalo. Motho o no fetsa le monagano wa gagwe gore selo se a direga goba se diregile eupsa go se na bohlatse ebile go se bjalo. Lehufa le na le maatla a magolo gomme le ka isa motho kotsing ge a sa naganisise ditaba gabotse.


      Direto tša Sesotho sa Leboa


      Direto tša Sesotho sa Leboa is a book of Sepedi poetry. Puku ye, ke kgobokanyo yeo e rwelego merethetho ya bareti ba maemo a godimo. Direto tša bona di kgethilwe ka maikemišetšo a go khoriša babadi ka melaetša, dikapolelo, dithekniki le polelo ye e tebilego ya Sesotho sa Leboa. Seema se se theilego pukutheto ye ka sona, se bontšha gore ge o bitša letšema o swanetše gore o be o lokišitše dijo gore ba$omi ba tle ba di je gomme ba be le maatla ge ba šoma. Ga go nnete ye e phalago ye ka gobane pukutheto ye, e na le mehuta ka moka ya direto gomme ebile e rwele le theteletšo ye e tlogo akodiša babadi ka mabose a theto. Ke holofela gore ka dikgwari tša bareki tše di kgethilwego, pukutheto ye e tla ba ya mathomo ya maemo a godimo ye e kilego ya gatišetšwa dikolo tše di phagamego.


      Oxford Bilingual School Dictionary: Northern Sotho & English


      Designed to enable learners to write and speak effectively and competently in their additional language, this up-to-date and easy-to-use dictionary focuses on overcoming learners' most common difficulties.


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