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    The Answer Series: Grade 10 Accounting 3-in-1


    This Grade 10 Accounting 3in1 study guide gives you a fantastic jumpstart to the Accounting curriculum in future grades. You work through logically organised sections, gaining a deep understanding of the basic terms, concepts and principles you’ll need. The graded questions and answers then invite you to apply what you learn and track your growing expertise. Key features:

    • Step-by-step, methodical approach
    • Comprehensive notes with worked examples per topic
    • Graded questions and answers per topic
    • Exam papers and answers with handy hints
      The key to this subject is 'practise' and this book provides just that.



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    Computers Part of your Life: A Textbook for CAT Gr 10 2nd Edition


    Computers Part of Your Life Grade 10 Learner Book This is a tried- And-tested textbook with a great track record, and this edition includes: All the prescribed material - Material contextualised in real-life situations within the world of the learner - Good activities, designed to fix knowledge and skills and to thoroughly prepare learners for tests and exams - A compact summary and overview at the end of every module



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    Oxford Successful Economics Gr 10 Learner’s Book


    Oxford Successful Economics is a trusted Economics course that is used by teachers all over South Africa. The rich, relevant content fully covers the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS).  


    • Topics are structured according to CAPS, making the course easy to use in the classroom.
    • Relevant and up-to-date case studies and examples enrich the content.
    • Content is richly supported by clear illustrations and graphs.
    • Extensive language support on terminology used in economics ensures that learners grasp the core concepts of Economics.
    • A wealth and variety of activities and assessment opportunities help learners progress with confidence.
    • Assessment is carefully scaffolded throughout the book to ensure a successful year for the learner.
    • Exam support is built into every activity, revision, practice test and practice exam, helping learners prepare for formal assessment and exams.
    • Study Skills Support ensures the development of the cognitive skills learners require to tackle activities, tests and exams in Grade 10.



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    Stratford Series: Macbeth


    Complete text, with commentary and questions.


    Animal Farm by George Orwell


    This edition has been specially designed with the South African learner in mind. Historical and biographical notes put the author and his famous novel into context. Pre-reading activities give learners a methodology for approaching the story and help them anticipate the plot, characters and themes. Each chapter is followed by a chapter summary and commentary notes that draw learners' attention to the conventions of the genre – very important for assessment. Many questions refer directly to South African issues which help learners put the novel in a context they can understand. Further activities on important themes, characterisation and plot development prepare learners for their end of year exams, and practice exam papers with mark allocations and model answers provide opportunities for both summative and self-assessment.


    The Answer Series: Grade 10 English Home Language 3-in-1


    This easy-to-follow, learner-friendly Grade 10 English Home Language 3in1 study guide walks you methodically through the four main skills – Listening & Speaking; Reading & Viewing; Writing & Presenting; Language Structures & Conventions. It provides clear guidance on how to approach assessment tasks, including examples with hints and constructive comments. Key Features:

    • Step-by-step, manageable approach
    • Comprehensive notes on each of the 4 skills
    • Exercises with answers on each of the skills
    • Exam papers and answers
    This study guide complements the integrated approach emphasised in the curriculum by offering targeted support for specific sub-skills as well as integrated exercises.  



To be purchased from School.



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      Sekuyasa Nakithi Ibanga 10 Wrkbook


      The collection of Sekuyasa Nakithi serves to enhance and educate both the mother tongue and First Additional isiZulu learners. This workbook is aligned to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) document for First Additional Language (FAL) in Intermediate and Senior Phase; hence, it is a GRADE 10 level material.





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      Oxford Successful Mathematical Literacy Grade 10 Learner’s Book


      The popular Oxford Successful Mathematical Literacy series has been updated and upgraded in alignment with the new National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) requirements. The series now offers valuable additional material such as exam preparation and study skills, to help learners excel in formal assessments. The rich, relevant content fully covers the CAPS, ensuring that learners stay interested throughout the year.



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      Direto tša Sesotho sa Leboa


      Direto tša Sesotho sa Leboa is a book of Sepedi poetry. Puku ye, ke kgobokanyo yeo e rwelego merethetho ya bareti ba maemo a godimo. Direto tša bona di kgethilwe ka maikemišetšo a go khoriša babadi ka melaetša, dikapolelo, dithekniki le polelo ye e tebilego ya Sesotho sa Leboa. Seema se se theilego pukutheto ye ka sona, se bontšha gore ge o bitša letšema o swanetše gore o be o lokišitše dijo gore ba$omi ba tle ba di je gomme ba be le maatla ge ba šoma. Ga go nnete ye e phalago ye ka gobane pukutheto ye, e na le mehuta ka moka ya direto gomme ebile e rwele le theteletšo ye e tlogo akodiša babadi ka mabose a theto. Ke holofela gore ka dikgwari tša bareki tše di kgethilwego, pukutheto ye e tla ba ya mathomo ya maemo a godimo ye e kilego ya gatišetšwa dikolo tše di phagamego.


      Oxford Bilingual School Dictionary: Northern Sotho & English


      Designed to enable learners to write and speak effectively and competently in their additional language, this up-to-date and easy-to-use dictionary focuses on overcoming learners' most common difficulties.


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