Art Attack CAPS Grade 9 ePUB - Visual Arts and Drama - eBOOK

Art Attack CAPS Grade 9 ePUB - Visual Arts and Drama - eBOOK

ISBN 9781920696337
Author(s): Bronwyn Armstrong, Michael Armstrong

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ISBN-13: 9781920696337
Format: eBook
Publisher: Artifact Publications and Training
Language: Artifact Publications and Training


The Art Attack Grade 9 Creative Arts Learner's workbook is 100% CAPS compliant, covering the strands of Drama and Visual Arts. The learner's workbook consists of all the worksheets, content, assignments and projects, required Formal Assessments Tasks, homework tasks, varied forms of assesssment and rubrics for the entire year. The learner's workbook is all the educational imput that the students will need in order to successfully complete Grade 9 Creative Arts. The workbook is designed and written to enthuse and inspire the Grade 9 learner to develop the necessary skills and interest in Creative Arts. Our Art Attack workbooks have received rave reviews from teachers, parents, principals and yes... even the students!
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