Pharos Tweetalige Skoolwoordeboek

Pharos Tweetalige Skoolwoordeboek

ISBN 9781868901289
 The following information is provided for each headword: syllabification, primary stress, inflected forms such as plurals, past tense forms and degree of comparison, an apt translation, and full sentences, which illustrate the use of the word. The headword is printed in blue to make the dictionary more user-friendly. Derivatives of the headword are included at the end of the article so that users can identify word families.

A typical article looks like follows:

magic [no plural] noun towerkuns, toorkuns
♦ The witch in the story uses magic to do bad things. Die heks in die storie gebruik toorkuns om slegte dinge te doen. }magic(al) adj.magically adv.

Additional information is provided in notes to help learners with problematic spelling and grammatical issues. In addition, the dictionary contains a supplement with additional information on both Afrikaans and English grammar.

The dictionary is perfect for use in the classroom and is especially recommended for the intermediate and senior phases.

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