Spot On Life Orientation Grade 8 Learner's Book ePub (1 year licence) - eBOOK

ISBN 9780796255105
Author(s): Bromfield, Z; Walls, C; Vercueil, P; Pretorius, A; Carstens, M

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ISBN-13: 9780796255105
Format: eBook
Publisher: Heinemann (Pearson Marang)
Language: eng


Spot On is spot on! • The most popular course in South Africa, Spot On has everything a learner needs in one book. • Spot On improves results, makes learning enjoyable, makes teaching a pleasure and is easy to use. • The Spot On Teacher’s Guide comes with printable planning material, Formal Assessment Tasks, revision tests and exams. This e?Book is a digital version of the printed, CAPS-approved ?book. Benefits of the ePUB format? include:? • The ability to view on ?a ?desktop computer, notebook or tablet using the VitalSource eReader application; • As learners adjust fonts, rotate and flip pages, content reflows to fit the device's screen giving the user a more flexible experience; and • Learners can take notes, highlight and bookmark, and access video and audio for visual learning.
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